Bow care.

FABRIC Our fabrics are made from the highest quality materials only using 100% Wool Felt, Non-Shedding Glitters, Felt & Glitter Backed Fabrics and Faux Suedes & Leathers that have been sourced from places all around the world. So much love goes into choosing our amazing fabrics for each collections. To make sure Wanderluxe babies the most stylish trendy babes ever.

HEADBAND We use a nude or white colour nylon elastic for our headbands It is one-size fits all and is super soft and stretchy and won’t leave any marks on your babies darling head. MADE IN Handmade in Australia. (Kalgoorlie)

CLEANING BOWS Washing our bows are not recommended. We recommended storing your bows in storage away from direct sunlight, so the sun doesn’t fade the colour.

PACKAGING Your bows will arrive attached to our product cards and covered by a clear resealable bag. We send every order in a postal box so as to protect your gorgeous new order from any damage that may happened through the travel from us to you.