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100% natural bath bombs. 

EMBRACE: cocoa butter and purifying kaolin clay. 
infused with Sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oil. 

NOURISH: Shea oil and magnesium rich purple clay infused with lavender and bergamot pure essential oils. 

DESIRE: jojoba oil and skin softening red clay. Infused with jasmine and massoia bark essential oil. 

UPLIFT: avocado oil and clarifying green clay. Infused with lemon grass and lemon pure essential oils. 

ADORE: camellia oil and skin firming pink clay. Infused with damask rose and pure vanilla extract. 

RADIATE: coconut oil and soothing coconut milk infused with mandarin and lime essential oils.

INDULGE: charcoal and mineral rich black clay infused with clove and black pepper essential oils.