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The Moon Phases Cup holds 300ml /10fl Oz

This is more than just a cup, The Moon phases cup is an exquisite piece of artwork, many hours have gone into bringing this cup to life, the handle was carved and moulded to fit exact specifications of the cup, to feel comfortable to hold and have a special smooth rounding in our hands.

The cup itself has also been delicately handcarved and underwent three different firings in the kiln, in the third firing was finished with real liquid gold. Many hours of handmade love have bought this cup to you, so you can share the beauty of her creation in your home.

The phases of the moon are complex and beautiful, just like each of us, sometimes shining bright and other times shying away from the light to allow ourselves time to regenerate, grow and clear our minds and thoughts.

Just like the moon goes through phases, we are very drawn to be in sync with those phases and often find our lives mirroring the deep spiritual meanings and ancient rituals associated with the changing of the moon.

This cup is a reminder that every phase we go through is temporary and the only constant is change and ding our best to have a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness at the end of each day.



✨ Product Care ✨

As with all ceramic tableware they are designed for everyday use. That said, it's good to remember to take care to avoid breakages or pieces getting chipped. The best way to keep your ceramic tableware in as new condition is to hand wash after use. I totally get that this often is not likely to happen, so I fire all my pieces to the high temperature of 1240 degrees so it is OK for the piece to go in the dishwasher. Be mindful of how you stack your pieces and be aware that depending upon the dishwasher chemicals used, you may find that over time the glazes can become dulled.

If your cup has any gold lustre then I would definitely hand wash as gold lustre does not like going through the dishwasher and is likely to fade or come off completely. Definitely do not put gold lustre into the microwave - gold is a metal! In fact I would not recommend putting any pieces in the microwave. If your cuppa goes cold, go mad, make yourself a fresh one.

Ceramic pieces can suffer from thermal shock if they go from hot to cold or vice versa too fast - this can cause cracks.

Basically whilst your pieces are fairly robust they are also a little bit fancy and like the extra TLC.